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I am a big believer in manifesting (combined with taking action) to get what you want in life, and I have a little story to share.⠀

It was Sunday morning last month, and hubby and I were chatting about how time is so limited now with all our work and family commitments. One of the things we have been striving to do is minimise – minimise our material stuff, minimise our commitments (I’m currently failing at that lol!!), minimise where we spend our time, to create more time.⠀

So we decided on that Sunday morning to downsize our veggie patch, as it’s quite a bit of work, and requires regular watering, maintenance, etc. Instead, we decided we would use the money we would save from countless Bunnings trips, on buying organic produce instead. It felt good to make that decision.

No more than an hour later, I checked my emails, and I got goosebumps! I’d won a $100 voucher to purchase any products of my choosing from Melbourne based The Organic Butler. Such a pinch me moment. One that reaffirmed by belief in manifesting.⠀

Fast forward and my delivery arrived with the amazing service from owner Beckii, who personally delivered it to my home (this is impressive considering I’m actually out of their delivery zone).⠀

I ordered the mixed fruit and veg box. The fresh produce was incredibly fresh. We tried parsnip for the first time and the oranges tasted and looked like oranges are supposed to – juicy and vibrant. I also ordered a range of certified and organic products as well – some of which I will review at a later date. ⠀

Some of my faves were the Almond Milk by Pure Harvest, Liquid Vegetable Stock by Australia’s Own Organic and the Powdered Matcha Tea by Dr Superfoods. ⠀

I even managed to get my hands on The Chemical Maze book by Bill Statham (also available in digital app form). This is a MUST have if you want to know more about preservatives and additives in your products.

I just want to say thank you so much to Beckii and the team at The Organic Butler for not only making healthy and nutritious products available, but offering incredible service as well. Highly recommend!

For orders, visit https://www.theorganicbutler.com.au/

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