How to make organic chocolate rice puff cereal!

When my daughter started eating most of the same foods as us once she was around one year old, I got thinking about healthy breakfast options. I grew up on sugar laden cereals and I knew I wanted something different for her.

Rice cereal, porridge, weetbix were all good options but how about something a bit more fun? So I thought of creating my own version of Coco Pops and it wasn’t that hard.

Abundant Earth (a Vitaco Health brand) brown puffed rice is a staple in our home. With just one ingredient, it’s a great option. We also love the puffed corn as well.⁠⠀

Now all the family eat this for breakfast, and usually top up the rice puffs twice or three times mid sitting.

Kids recipe version (double ingredients for adults)

Blend cacao powder with hot water and honey with a metal spoon in a cereal bowl to make a liquid paste. Add milk and stir to create chocolate milk (yum!). Add puffed rice and stir through. Top up puffed rice onto remaining chocolate milk mid meal and mix, if your child is still hungry.

EAT. 😋

We also use the puffed rice when we make our own muesli. Haven’t got around to making some cacao based rice slices or chocolate crackles, but they’re coming soon!⁠⠀⠀

You’ll thank me once you try it. Super fast quick and easy breakfast for the whole family without the nasties.

Love to hear in the comments what you think if you give it a go!

** Please note that honey should not be given to infants under 12 months as it can be dangerous. Please consult with your doctor for clarification.

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