What’s in my Nappy Bag? Organic baby products!

I often get asked what products I use on Juliet, as there are so many on the market. It can get confusing to know what to use or choose, as so many products contain harmful toxins and fragrances, which can cause harm to our little ones. ⠀

I always stick to products where I can understand the ingredient’s listing, they are ideally certified organic, or have recognizable ingredients at the very least and I go with a less is more philosophy.

So I thought what better way than to share what’s in my nappy bag. These are the items I never leave home without, and I’ve thrown in a few snacks, too, as food is my favourite distraction – and boy, do we need those all the time! ⠀

One day, I look forward to not carting around half my house (ha ha), but for now these are my products of choice!⠀

👶🏻Nappies & Wipes Tooshies by TOM
👶🏻Barrier balm / nappy cream & sunscreen AROMABABY
👶🏻Hand sanitiser The Divine Company Divine Baby
👶🏻Snack food pouch Only Organic Australia
👶🏻Rice cracker snack I Love Baby Mum Mum
👶🏻Nappy Bag timi & leslie

If you have some great healthy suggestions on what other products I might consider to include in my nappy bag, feel free to share in the comments!⠀

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