Bellamy’s Organic Fruit Snacks

Want to give your little ones a healthy snack with a little crunch? 👶🏻

My little Juliet likes variety – just like her mumma (and I’m guessing like most of us). Which means that breakfast and snack time which was previously just soft mushy food wasn’t cutting it once her toothie pegs showed up. I’m not big on processed foods if you haven’t noticed by now, so off I went to the supermarket and chemist shelves to search for organic healthy snack options. And I found some great ones 👍🏻

We recommend:
Bellamy’s Organic range range of snap dried fruit pieces 🍏🍎🍐🍌🍍:
🍃 Suitable for 12 months onwards
🍃 100% fruit
🍃 No added sugar
🍃 Made in Australia
🍃 Certified by NASAA Certified Organic
🍃 Convenient resealable pouch

So far I have tried the apple and pear and pineapple, apple and banana flavours which Juliet loves. I think it’s because they are a nice powdery dehydrated crunchy texture (not sure how else to describe them, and yes, I sneak a few in myself!), for her little teeth and tender gums to enjoy. The other available flavour is apple.

I cut them up in small pieces and mix them with halved sultanas. Eventually, I’m sure she will chomp on them in full pieces as she grows more teeth. This is not to say I don’t give Juliet fresh fruit – I do and I recommend it – but it’s nice to give her textural variety and keep her interested in her meals.

Bellamy’s Organic range is available from Chemist Warehouse, LaManna Supermarket, Baby Bunting and a range of other Australian retailers listed on their website. They also have a great quick guide of all their products based on your child’s age on their website.

It’s easy to reach for well-known brands of packaged snacks for young children that are filled with unnecessary added sugar, salt and other additives – It’s also easy to choose a different healthier option. I encourage you to take a minute to read your labels, and choose a snack option for your precious bundle that contains whole foods and is ideally certified organic.

Do you have other great healthy packaged toddler snack food ideas to share?

Please comment below. I’m always up to trying something new. 🙌

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