80/20 Rule

I like to live my life by the 80/20 rule.

Across everything. Food, skincare, work, family, friends, love, exercise … everything.

The pursuit of perfection for me in today’s world is not achievable, so I choose to be really great at whatever it may be 80% of the time – I eat fresh veggies everyday, I use organic deodorant, I walk the stairs wherever possible, I make time for at least one friend a week, etc.

The other 20%, I cut myself some slack without any guilt – I eat chips, enjoy a champers, don’t exercise everyday, work extra hours at night sometimes. You get the idea.

As long as for the most part I am making great decisions, I’m ok with that. For me this is healthy living.

Do you follow 80/20 or do you strive for perfection?

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