What’s in your wraps? 


I happened to buy different wrap brands over the last week and had them both out for lunch as I finished off one pack. They were sitting there staring at me, and I decided to read the ingredient listings.

I was shocked – I thought wraps were like bread so they should have things like bread, flour, water, seeds, yeast etc. The brand on the left has over 16 different ingredients including preservatives which I try to avoid wherever possible – many ingredients of which I would need to google to work out what they are.  The brand on the right has 4 ingredients closer to what I would expect to be in a wrap and no nasties.



I know what I’m going to buy from now on.

Do you buy wraps? I invite you to turn the pack over and take a read of what you are actually eating and share what you find in the comments (positive constructive feedback only please). Knowledge is power and we should know what we are eating – so today is the day to take your power back.

Our recommendation for Wraps –
Mountain bread range http://www.mountainbread.com.au/

Love to hear what you think in the comments below.

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