The beginning.


This is where it all began.

December 2nd 2015, Melbourne Australia.

Oprah was in Melbourne for a flying visit for two nights only – the first was sold out. My bestie called the day before the final show, to say the last tickets were going on sale right now and did I want to go. Did I want to see Oprah? Of course I did. So on a whim and toiling with mother’s guilt of leaving my 4 month old with Dad who knew how important this was to me (love him!), we headed into the city.

It was probably the best decision I ever made, mother’s guilt and all.

Why? It was the night Oprah taught me to accept being me. And that being the best of me, is usually linked inextricably to my life’s reason for being.

To be still and listen to the whispers, to pay attention when time seems to pass without realizing and to notice when I feel that rush and purely just be in the moment. These were the clues that would lead me to identifying my passion and ultimately living fully on purpose. 


And so over the past few months, as a new mum to precious Juliet, I’ve stopped, I’ve listened and I’m here.

The striving for a healthy mind, body and soul and helping others do the same has been in my path since I was a little girl. I hope to share my story and insights with you and that you will share your stories and learnings, so we can all make better decisions to live our best life.

x Rosie

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